My purpose was to produce an immersion for all of the workshop participants (including me, of course) in what we could define as Constructivist pedagogy.

The group (students and teachers) must be catalyzed by a program that replaces the repetition schemes already experienced, (even if they have credited as very efficient) by a stressful situation, where the inexcusable objective is to meet a certain planning in given times and activities.

The whole workshop is subjected to an initial, unbalanced, disturbance, which recurs in greater or lesser extent throughout the process, which aims to block prejudging behaviors so the collective would face unprecedented dilemmas, without other resources than its own reliability, and the freedom of both collective and individual action. The collective term here is handled almost in terms of social class, which has been assaulted and responds almost in a syndical way, with very primary budgets, and a very active solidarity. Neither the time nor the theoretical-critical workshop framework allows to move forward a debate that facilitates conceptual consensus from where to elaborate proposals. Pressing the program led to a state of effective gregarious intelligence, by means of which I was possible to discern with strategies and procedures that made the status of the group profitable, increasing also the individual efficiency.

The elaborated production arrived to a creative place of great interest, where creative propositions are perceived in an incipient way, and is made from individual contexts managed with common strategies.

Workshop members evaluate and re-evaluate (the creative process has no end) the elaborated material contents dilating the macular gaze to the peripheral and transversally connecting its own position, so a "construct" production is being built – reflection with a great training load. The own working method requires a distance between creator and material to handle, which is a guarantee of the process professionalism.

The way the Workshop procedures and means are settled, increases the playful component of creative work, which if method really works, prevents neurosis or productive inhibitions proper for the creator’s "romantic".

Ethical and aesthetic assessments are replaced by the increase on the group’s communication efficiency, as I said, at the service of a program raised in terms of inexcusable deadlines and milestones compliance.

If this has been so, the workshop members will have experienced a formative catharsis from which to resume their redefined or redefinable roll from contemporary production processes.


Andrés Perea Ortega

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