November. Speaker at the Third International Forum on Urban Renewal organized by CEUR held in Bogotá, Colombia.


April. Speaker “On the drawing” in the Gredos College San Diego Guadarrama (Madrid). March Speaker “The Architectural Project in the Sustainability Paradigm” within the Master “Energy Efficiency and Bioclimatic Architecture” at the University Camilo José Cela. Madrid. February “The Architectural Project in the Paradigm of the Complexity”. ETSA Madrid.


October Speaker “The facilities in the architectural project” within the Cycle Facilities in Architecture. ETSA of Madrid.

October Speaker “The drawing as a tool for architectural research.” ETSA of Madrid.

September. Speaker on his own work. School of Architecture in the Universidad San Jorge de Zaragoza.

July. Speaker “From the city hyper-schematic to the informal city” at the College of Architects of Extremadura. Cáceres.


December. Speaker on his own work” in “EQUIciuDAD 2011 Equity as guarantor of the Sustainable City” Congress held at the University of the Basque Country. San Sebastián.

November. Conference at the “Sustainable construction & energy efficiency” Master UPV/EHU, San Sebastian.

November. Conference in Hong Kong. “International Conference of Architecture”. “Hong Kong-Spain. Water and Culture”. Chinese University of Hong Kong.

October Participant in the final debate at the event ”Architecture for Transport” organized by the Via Group and held at the Hotel Rafael Atocha in Madrid.

September. Speaker at the College Architect, Buenos Aires. Argentina. “What I learned from the Argentine architects” & Workshop “Versionados”, Architectural & Urban Planning University of Buenos Aires. Argentina.

September. Speaker at the Seminary “Sustainability at public buildings”. Oviedo


July. Speaker at the Summer Course “Architecture and Sustainable Development: Truths and Lies of a concept”. La Carolina (Jaén). July Participant in the Summer Workshop 2010 “Project in Avila”. COACYLE. Ávila.. Madrid, Speaker at the “EH-1: The Architecture and its environment” Course COAM Cultural Foundation. Lecture “Architecture and Sustainability: La Palma Airport and other proposals”. April. Speaker at the Seminary “European Forum of Architectural Policies”. Housing Ministry. Madrid. April. Speaker at the International Congress “Suitable edification. Revitalization y Restoration of Urban Areas”. SB10 mad. April. Speaker at the VI International Seminary of Urban Project “ESPAÑA NA CIDADE”. Escola da Cidade – Architectural and Urban Planning University of Sao Paulo (Brasil). Conference at the III Iberian-American congress about Sound Landscapes. Autonomic University of Madrid. April. April. Speaker at the congress “Architectural and Sustainability: The Airport of La Palma and other proposals”. Course EH1. La Arquitectura y su entorno: Sostenibilidad, bioclimatismo y tecnología. Architectural Foundation of COAM. February. Master Lesson at the School of Architecture of Madrid.




July. Speaker at the 23rd International Workshop of Architecture in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

July. Speaker at the Architects of Valencia Congress.

June. 3rd Iberian-American Sound Landscape Meeting. Student residence, intervention in roundtable. “The space-sound intervention in architecture”

May. Conference at the University of Berlin, Germany.

April. Bioclimatic architecture course at the COAM Foundation “U-EH- Habitat Ecology.” Moderator (authority intervention).

April. Postgraduate course. Environment and bioclimatic architecture master at the UPM. “Natural means, material for the sustainable project” Conference.

March. Short circuits. COAM Foundation and Camilo José Cela University. “Constructive innovation” Conference.

March. Lecture at the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid. (Architects Association of Madrid).

January. Conference in Cesuga in La Coruña.

January. Lecture at the University of Pavia. Italy.


December. Multifunctional City & Taekwondo Park in South Korea” Conference, at the. (Official Association of Architects of Madrid) November. Conference “Architecture and music” at the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid. June. Conference on environment and new technologies. Events Crisol Conference. May. Porcelanosa Conference. “Dreams, wishes and reality”, Castellón. March. “Dreams, wishes and reality” Conference at the Achitects Association of Asturias. Time and space, skewed visions cycle. Gijón. February. Conference in the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid. February. “Prefabricated” Conference at the ETSAM. February. Multifunctional Administrative City in South Korea” Conference at the Advanced Architecture Institute of Catalunya. Barcelona. January. International Conference “City Alive”. Public works and transportation Council – Junta de Andalucía, Seville.


December. “Sustainable City and Architecture” Conference at the Higher Technical Architecture School of Seville. November. Conference at the ETSAM. Summer course 2007. Contemporary Architecture and Culture. “Architecture and music” Conference. July. Conference in the cycle “New forms of inhabiting the city” at the Cervantes Institute in Manila, Philippines. July. Conference in the summer courses of the Cádiz school of Architecture. July. Conference “Architecture and music” in the summer courses of the Almeria Architects Association. Conference for the Master in Architectural Design at the University of Navarre, Pamplona. May. Conference: Ecoefficienza in Architettura: Lo stato della sperimentazione internazionale. Sapienza University. Rome (Italy) May. Conference Architettura and Composizione Architettonica, Universitá Degli Studi di Pavia (Italy). April. Conference at the Universidad Europea de Madrid (ESAYA). March. Visiting Professor at the “Urban Rivers, Forests and Beaches Recovery” Workshop in Marbella. March. Conference at the Construction and Sustainability Expert Course organized by the Art and Architecture School at the Universidad Europea de Madrid. March. The COAM Foundation Conference about the New city in Korea in the Urban Perspectives III Towards an Integrated City. Madrid. February. Lecture “The CTE and new schemes of control” on the technical conferences around the Codigo Técnico de la Edificación (Technical Construction Code) in Santiago de Compostela.


December. Conference at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) within the 2006 / 2007 program. November. Speaker in the Civitas Nova 2006 International Forum in Albacete. November. Conference in the Universitá Degli Studi en Pavia, Italy. “Architectural and Urban Design New Paradigms” October. Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art in Seville. “City of the thousand cities” Conference for the Urban Attributes Program. October. Alfonso X el Sabio University. Conference “The desirable as possible. The possible as feasible.” September. Conference for the Public Spaces, Contemporary Strategies Course in Motril. Granada. June. CTE Código Técnico de Edificación (Technical Construction Code) Meetings. Chairman of Board. Santiago de Compostela. May. IAU+S (initiative for more sustainable architecture and urbanism) Executive Committee Member for the Conferences on Sustainability II Architecture of the 21st Century. April. Conference on the Library of Santiago de Compostela in Seoul. April. International Director in the PEI (International Studies program) cycle of Workshops: Spanish architecture Emerging Looks. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia. March. Conference on the Requirements of a sustainable environment within the Sustainability and Technology cycle in the Forum City: Civitas Nova 2006 in Castilla La Mancha. February and March. Responsible for the “3 attempt degrees” workshop in the Second Conference Cycle on Suatainability, 21st Century Architecture. At the ETSAM. February. Opening Conference for the DCTA Posgraduate Course Conference at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. February. Conference on the Faculty of Education of Alicante. Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Alicante. January. Conference in the COAM for the ABIERTO cycle, “Fabric Inventory”


November. Conference “On the mystical Studies Center”. Architects Association of Castilla y Leon.

May. “Construction, creative material for architecture” Conference at the school of architecture of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.

May. “Construction, creative material for architecture” Conference at the Architects Association in Jaen.

April. “Construction, creative material for architecture” Conference for the 21st Century Architectures Cycle at the COAM Foundation. Madrid.

April. Moderator in Debate-Conference “Mutant Architectures 1” at the CEU Higher Polytechnic School in Madrid.

April. Intervention in the Urban Debates Club. “Heritage, Have it or not”. Circle of Fine Arts. Madrid.

“Cultural Programs and the Architectural Project” Conference.

April. Conference in the Ministry of Culture. Madrid.

March. Conference in the Universidad Europea de Madrid.

May. Conference in the ETSAM Madrid.

October. Lecture at the Reina Sofía Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid.

November. Conference on sustainability in the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid. (Architects association in Madrid)

December. Conference on the New Multifuntional City in South Korea. Seoul.


October. Guest as speaker in the “Foro Arca 2”, “Architecture and sustainability: the role of architects”. Architectural Associations of Madrid Superior at the Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid.

July. Conference “Rare Types in the landscape” in the Architecture summer course of 2004 at the University of Almería.

July – August. Works exhibited in the “21st Century Galician Architecture” at the Spanish Embassy in Washington, D.C.


March. Guest speaker at the “Form and Matter” Seminar of the Cátedra Blanca Valencia. Higher Technical School of Architecture of Valencia. UPV.

March. Conference “Spanish Spring” at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London.

May. Speaker at the “IV specialization course in Urban planning and Real estate market” organized by SOPDE, S.A. and the Colegio Oficial de Arquiectos de Málaga.

October. Conference on prefabricates at the ETSAM.


January. Conference on the Fuencarral Library at the Faculty of Architecture of Rome.

March. Conference “Thinking about the Present: Critics, Theory and” Contemporary Architecture”, in the Delegation of Zaragoza at the C.O.A. of Aragon.

April. Conference “Space, Techniques and Forms”, in the E.T.S.A. at the University of Granada.

April. Conference “Buildings of Advanced Technology” in the E.T.S.A. of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

May. Guest speaker at the First Congress of Prefabrication in the Association of Civil Engineers, sponsored by the Ministry of Development and Public Works, I.C.C.P. School and the E.T.S. Civil Engineering at the UPM.


March. Conference on his own work at the Alfonso X el Sabio University, Madrid.

April. Conference “Built work” at the E.T.S.A. of the University of Navarre.


July. Conference about Architecture for Nature under Transformation for the Almería Summer Courses of the Rey Juan Carlos University.


August. Conference and exhibition on his own work and Seminar for the Teaching Career at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism – FADU – in Buenos Aires. Argentina. September. Conference at the Colombian Society of Architects, Bolívar Branch in Cartagena de Indias. Colombia.


April. Seminar of the Juan Herrera Planning Institute on his own work


October. Conference on his own work in the Author Architectures Cycle IV Edition in the Planetarium of Pamplona. Organized by the E.T.S.A. of the University of Navarre and the Delegation in Navarre of the C.O.A. Vasco-Navarro.


May. On his own work at the closing ceremony of the 1996 course in the Association of architects of La Coruña.


December. Conference on his own work at the Association of architects of Cantabria in Santander.


February. On the Library of Granada at the Official Association of Architects of Granada.

March. On his own work at the Official Association of Architects of Murcia.

March. On his own work at the School of Architecture in Pamplona.

April. On teaching design at the Colegio Mayor Nebrija.

May. Conference on his own work at the Official Association of Architects of Pamplona.


June. Conference on his own work at the Official Association of Architects of Almería.


September. IV Seminar on Architecture and City in Melilla.


November. Conference on the renovation of the Hospital of Santiago de Úbeda (Jaén), in Úbeda.


International Conference “Man and the physical environment”. Barcelona