Jury III Edition


Jury at the III Edition Sustainable Construction of Castilla and León Awards. Valladolid. 7 and 8 June. Jury at the IX Edition of the VETECO / ASEFAVE Awards. April. Jury representative of the Exploration Group Proyectual ETSAM Competition of Ideas SB10mad GBC Spain. Jury elected by contestants in the Competition for the construction of Elche City Auditorium. City of Elche. March-April. Renowned architect in the Jury for the Building Trade of Caceres. IFECA. Cáceres. February


Jury at the “School of Health Sciences” competition. Extremadura Health Service.

Jury at the “Tabacalera” competition. Segipsa.

Jury at the “La Marina” competition. San Sebastián de los Reyes.

Jury at the “Basílica La Merced” competition. Facades.


Jury at the University of Alicante competition. Parada del Tram.

Jury at the “Sánchez Estévez- Torres Clave” Awards. Official College of Architects of Cadiz.

Jury at the “Veteco competition”. VIII call international awards.

Jury at the Alcantarilla (Murcia) competition. Contest Alcantarilla integrated parks


Jury at the Ideas for the implementation of the School of Health Sciences competition. promoted by the University of Malaga.

Jury at the “Foro Civitas Nova 2006” Awards .

Jury at the National competition “Ideas for Young Architects” . Fuencarral District . Madrid.

Jury at the International competition “Ideas for the design of Parque Lineal and Park Equipped” . (Almozara-Delicias) Zaragoza.

Jury at the “rehabilitation of the former municipal slaughterhouse and house the Center for Contemporary Art Collection Arc competition.

Jury at the “Veteco competition”
. Call VII international awards.

Jury at the “EMV VALLECAS” competition.


Jury at the VII Provincial Award for Architecture “Andrés de Vandelvira” competition. Selected by the Official College of Architects of Jaén.

Jury at the “VIII Spanish Architecture Biennial” competition. Madrid.

Jury at the Internacional competition for “Parque Metropolitano del Agua en Zaragoza” or the Expo Zaragoza 2008.

Jury at the “Building an indoor pool, heated, and management units outside of the parcel  located in Nicasio Avenida Sevilla, Avenida de la Comunidad de Madrid and  Calle Adolfo Marsillach” competition. San Martín de la Vega.


Jury at the “Management of Palms Park in Garrucha” competition, Almería.

Jury at the “New Headquarters of the Ministry of Public Works” competition in Guadalajara.

Jury at the “New building of the Technical Services Research competition. University of  Alicante.

Jury at the “Design for Urban Management and Provision of Facilities for the Town of White Castle” competition. Murcia.

Jury at the “Furniture equipment for the Andalucia Library” competition.


Jury elected by contestants at the “New Headquarters building for the Delegation of the Ministry of  Public Works” competition in Guadalajara.

Jury at the “General Library Building of the Universitat de les Illes Balears” competition, appointed by the University and the College of Architects of the Balearic Islands.

Jury at the ” XIII Edition of the Constructive solutions with plasterboard systems” competition.

Jury at the “Ideas for the Management Area of the Stadium, Stadium Plaza and Plaza de Houston competition in Huelva (Isla Chica competition)”.

Jury at the Sustainable Architecture Awards. Foro Civitas Nova


Jury at the ” 12th Iberian Competition Pladur Constructive Solutions ”Jury representative of the contestants at the “Redesign of “La Casa del Hortelano” competition en Albacete.

Jury representative of the contestants at the ” Preliminary for the future Geriatric Center Santa Rita” competition in Ciutadella. (Menorca).

Jury at the “Ideas for Planning and Architectural Design of Open Space in the area of the Old  Barracks and Velarde Daoiz ” competition convened by the EMV Madrid

Jury at the “IV Architecture Award of Castile and Leon” appointed by the Council of Colleges of Architects of Castilla y León.

Jury at the ” Awards XIV Urbanism, Architecture and Public Works “. Madrid.

Jury representative of the C.O.A. Madrid Restricted Competition ” Theatre Writing Project Canal ” competition. Ministry of Culture in Madrid.

Jury at the “Preliminary Bellpuig ancient monastery” competition, in Arta. Mallorca.


Jury representative of the contestants at the ” Public Ideas Competition for Construction of the Library of  Navarra “in Pamplona.

Jury representative of the contestants at the Ideas Competition for the construction of the Third Sports city of Alcala de Henares (Madrid).

Jury at the 16th Edition of the Prize of Architecture “Fernando Garcia  Mercadal.

Jury representative of the C.O.A.M. at the ” Spanish Architecture Award 2001″ convened by the C.S.C.A.E.

Jury at the ” Construction of New Municipal Auditorium in Cartagena ” competition convened by the Ayuntamiento of Cartagena.


Jury at the ” Arch Award 1996-1997 “. Delegation of Almería’s C.O.A. Eastern Andalucia.

Jury at the ” Exhibition and Congress Centre in Badajoz ” competition. C.O.A. of Extremadura.

Jury at the ” Souk Albaicín” competition in Granada. C.O.A. of Eastern Andalucia.

Jury representative of the contestants at the Ideas Contest “Reform of Ca La Torre, headquarters in Palma  de Mallorca from COA: Balearic Islands competition – Delegation of Mallorca.


Jury representative of the contestants at the Preliminary competition “Music Conservatory of Palma de 
Mallorca” competition.

Jury representative of the contestants at the competition for “Expansion of the School of Veterinary Medicine” competition. Murcia University.

Jury at the ” Mancebos Street ” competition for Student. Municipal Company for Housing and E.T.S.A. Madrid.
Representing the Department of Projects ETSAM

Jury representative of the contestants at the “Herradores Plaza “competition of the Municipal Housing and COA Madrid.

Jury representative of the contestants at the “IV Premios Con Acero” competition. E.T.S.A. Madrid, C.S.I. and E.T.S.I.C.C.P.


Jury at the Architecture and Decoration Award , “PAD”competition

Jury representative of the contestants at the “4 Puertas para el Retiro” competition. Madrid.


Jury at the Murcia Awards of the Ministry of Planning Policy. Murcia.

Jury representative of the contestants at the COAM Awards for “Temporary Accommodation”. Madrid.


Jury representative of the contestants at the “Steel Construction Award ” competition. Madrid.


Jury at the Villaverde Library of the Community of Madrid competition


Jury at the Preliminary “Las Francesas” competition. Valladolid Jury at the SIDI Awards. Madrid


Jury at the Non-domestic furniture Award

Jury at the North Sports Center Madrid competition